Journal Articles

McCumber, Andrew and Zachary King. Forthcoming. “The Wild in Fire: Human Aid to Animals in the Disasters of the Anthropocene.” Environmental Values.

McCumber, Andrew. 2018. “Producing the Natural: Mobilities and the Managed Aesthetics of Nature.” Sociology Compass 12(9).

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Dryden, Patrick Neil and Andrew McCumber (equal co-authorship). 2017. “#Nature: Postmodern Narrative, Place, and Nature in Santa Barbara, California.” Environmental Sociology 3(3):286-296.

Book Chapters

McCumber, Andrew. 2018. “It Would Make More Sense for it to Be There Than Not: Constructing Night Vale as a Place.” Pp. 69-91 in Critical Approaches to Welcome to Night Vale: Podcasting between Weather and the Void, edited by J. Weinstock. London: Palgrave.

Book Reviews

Bargheer, Stefan. 2018. Moral Entanglements: Conserving Birds in Britain and Germany. British Journal of Sociology. Forthcoming.


Awards and Fellowships

Jane Goodall Award for Graduate Student Research (ASA Section on Animals and Society), 2019**

Flacks Fund for Democratic Possibilities Award, 2019

UCSB Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship, 2019

Association of Environmental Studies and Sciences Award for Best Student Paper, 2019**

Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara Burnand-Partridge Foundation Award, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

UCSB Humanities and Social Sciences Grant, 2018

  • Supported dissertation fieldwork in The Galapagos Islands and in Detroit, Michigan

American Association for Canadian Studies in the United States Enders Student Fellowship, 2018

  • Supported dissertation fieldwork in Alberta, Canada

**Awarded for an early version of “‘You Can’t Ignore the Rat’: Cultural Narrative and the Roots of Social and Interspecies Hierarchies,” based on research on Alberta, Canada’s provincial rat control program.